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Carcoa Services


We have painted numerous kinds of motor vehicles, e.g. motorcycles, automobiles, mobile homes, 18 wheelers, ... We do complete, partial, and custom painting of vehicles.


We straighten frames, body components, repair plastic parts, install after-market parts. We do our best to properly fix metal and only use fillers to achieve a smooth, elegant finish.


Usually after an accident mechanical components, e.g. struts, alignment, control arms, need to be adjusted or replaced. We will take care of these issues to allow you to get back on the road quickly and, especially, safely.

Fleet Vehicles

We have experience in working with fleet vehicles. We understand the importance of getting vehicles back to work quickly. In addition, we are able to help maintain the special features fleet vehicles tend to have, e.g. shells, electrical, ...

Check Engine Light

We can diagnoses and repair the dreaded Check Engine Light. We will take the time to properly diagnose a vehicle so only the necessary parts will be repaired or replaced.


Sometimes during the frame straightening process, pieces of the frame will be required to be replaced requiring welding. We will staigthen the frame, will weld where required, and will replace all necessary accident related damaged components.


We also repair rusted out areas of a vehicle's body. Rusted areas require that all rust be cut out and cleaned up. Then a new metal piece, which many times requires fabrication will be welded into place. Once the piece is secure, a great attention to detail is put into blending all surfaces, producing a finish where it is nearly impossible to know where the repair occurred.

Automobile Service

While the vehicle is having body work done, customers leverage our ability to perform automoble service. For example, oil changes, brake jobs, air conditiion service and repair, and Check Engine Light diagnostics.

Automobile Electrical

Unfortunately, an accident can damage wires due to being severed or damaged, we have very good experience in tracking down issues and rectifying them. In addition, we often get asked to rewire classic cars or troubleshoot electrical issues.


Some of the cars and projects we have completed


CARCOA is a diamond in the rough

CARCOA is a diamond in the rough. A true family owned business, Jim and Dawn run a sharp operation. They are excellent listeners, take pride in their business, and care about their customers. I was referred CARCOA by Chaperone Auto Body and Collision as the prospective work required was relatively small.

Jake C., Coronado from Yelp!

Carcoa cares...

I had my Woodie done here about 4 years ago. They did a very nice job painting it and all the pieces that went with it. Everything was already apart, fenders, hood, mouldings everything. 1 main color with 2 different colors for interior parts. All were done very nicely. Color match was great. I had someone else disassemble the car and put back together.

Tom S., Carlsbad Yelp!

On the spot

Jim was very kind and helpful! He helped fix a scratch in my car with no charge! I appreciated his honesty and will be back for some more work to be done!

Nicole U., San Diego Yelp!


I am pleased with the work Carcoa did for me. My father's car needed body work and a full paint job. Dawn was friendly and did an awesome job in a timely manner with reasonable price. The work was done more than one year ago, and the paint still looks as good as new.

Weld J., San Diego Yelp!

Phenomenal job

They did a phenomenal job on my 1969 Dodge Daytona and made sure it was well taken care of the CORRECT WAY. I would recommend this place to any car lover! Thank you Jim(owner/manager)

Shahab K., San Francisco Yelp!

On time and in budget

Recommended by Chapperon had body damage to the bumper, and several badly bonded cracks in my passenger side and they fixed everything up and a new paint job for their quoted price and on time.

Steven D., WA Yelp!